1. Extinction Burst
    Emily Davis/Christopher Riggs/George Romaine

  2. All Greased Up For Nothin'

  3. Collateral
    Collateral (Shalabi/Adams/Crofts)

  4. Libr'aerie
    Monicker (Roger Turner/Arthur Bull/Scott Thomson)

  5. Three Live Pieces
    Chris Dadge & Jonathon Wilcke

  6. Rural Optimism

  7. Nine Year Itch
    Bent Spoon Trio

  8. Dancing With Penguins
    Joe Morris & Rob Oxoby

  9. You Can Do It

  10. Heures indues
    Scott Thomson

  11. Rodent Landscapes
    Cody Oliver

  12. Angle of Repose
    Patrick Farmer & Christian Munthe

  13. (s/t)
    Nilan Perera & Bent Spoon Duo

  14. Torso And Legs
    Johan Arrias & Christian Munthe

  15. With Monty
    The Midnighties

  16. Monty
    Scott Munro

  17. Reed
    Darren Williams

  18. Six High Windows

  19. Part and Parcel
    Joe Morris/Fausto Sierakowski/Nigel Taylor

  20. Provincial Stammer
    Seeded Plain

  21. Improvised Music and Tentacles

  22. (s/t)
    Land Of Marigold

  23. Mannington
    Dan Meichel & Chris Dadge

  24. With And Without Allison Cameron
    Bent Spoon Duo

  25. Calgary 2012
    The Unrepeatable Quartet

  26. Solo Drums With E-Bow
    Gino Robair

  27. Meditations On First
    Simeon Abbott & Mike Gennaro

  28. Near And Distant Skies
    Chris Dadge

  29. Bark

  30. Burnt Monument

  31. Concrete Shoes
    Andrew Coltrane & Mike Khoury

  32. Spaces Are The Place
    Andre Bourgeois & Chris Dadge

  33. (s/t)
    Kyle Brenders and Brandon Miguel Valdivia

  34. Sombrero Galaxy
    Simon Rose and Pascal Nichols

  35. Proverbes

  36. (s/t)

  37. Continuity
    Aaron Leaney & Chris Dadge

  38. Circuitry
    éric normand & bent spoon duo

  39. Cash Recycling Machine
    Christopher Riggs

  40. (s/t)

  41. Nirvana Unplugged
    David Payne

  42. Vocal Works
    Chris Dadge

  43. Full Gospel
    The Musk Cup

  44. A Dog For A Seadoo
    Bent Spoon Duo

  45. Comets Are Just Deluxe Stars
    Bent Spoon Duo

  46. A New Kind of Ray

  47. You Don't Have To Wake Me Up, The Aroma Will Do That
    Bent Spoon Duo

  48. Nealson
    Bent Spoon Trio

  49. Cloudport
    Bent Spoon Duo

  50. (s/t)
    The Midnighties

  51. Silk Thousand
    Chris Dadge

  52. Abandon Rate
    Mike Khoury & Chris Riggs

  53. Live In Calgary
    Eric Chenaux & Bent Spoon Duo

  54. Amateur Hour
    Slut Mouth

  55. Daikons

  56. A Moth That Smiles As It Burns Is Better Than You
    Chris Dadge

  57. A Menu Isn't A Meal
    Simeon Abbott & Chris Dadge

  58. Saigon, You Crazy Diamond
    Simeon Abbott with Bent Spoon Duo

  59. Airwaves
    Mike Khoury

  60. Pogiff

  61. Some Sappy Title Dan Would've Hated

  62. Hardcore: La Brique
    Pink Saliva

  63. Memoirs of a Secret Metal Cave
    Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

  64. The Localization of Noise and Its Endowment with Form

  65. A Common Confusion

  66. Tangled Woof of Fact
    Chris Dadge

  67. Eye Day Rabbit

  68. I Feel So Strong. I Feel I Could Punch A Hole In A Fucking Wall.
    Christopher Riggs

  69. Joachim On Eggshells
    Jay Crocker

  70. Live At Soda
    Musk Cup Duo

  71. I Can See The Light, I Just Can't Feel It
    Raw Kites

  72. Deburring Tool

  73. Bite Your Tongue
    Storm of Corpses

  74. More Experienced Filthier
    Bent Spoon Trio

  75. Dead Salems Dance In Their Ashtrays
    Bent Spoon Trio +3

  76. German Witchcraft

  77. Battlefield Medicine
    Khoury + Hall

  78. Over The Transom
    Jack Wright w/ Hell & Bunny

  79. Tanto Impresos Como Sistemas

  80. Harvesting The Wave
    Bent Spoon Duo

  81. Out There In The Sea
    Bent Spoon Duo

  82. Lost In A Chinese Attic
    Bent Spoon Trio (feat. Danny Meichel)

  83. I'd Drive Your Ass Across The World, If I Had To
    Chris Dadge

  84. Tinned Mind, Tinned Breath
    The Musk Cup

  85. Ever, When You Were There
    Bent Spoon Trio


Bug Incision Calgary, Alberta

The Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based label Bug Incision has been operating since 2005, and has released over 50 albums from artists around the world.

See www.bugincision.com for availability and ordering info for physical copies.

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